Monday, 6 January 2014

holiday update

Daddy, don't say number no! E 17/12

I know a song, incy wincy spider, come out your web E 20\12

We go to Queenstown? Also, also, also Princesstown? E 20\12

I need a wee Daddy
you've already had a wee Ellie
I need a different wee 21/12

where's my bogey? Where's my bogey?
I don't know Ellie, have you lost it?
yes, where's my bogey gone? 24\12

Ho ho me got some pheasants for you E 26/12

Punzel Punzel get out of your hair E 26/12

Fireman Sam clap your hands... Fireman Sam jump up and down. F 26/12

E - Father Christmas is crying cos its not Xmas anymore
F - everyone is crying cos its not Xmas anymore 30/12

Mummy, I wee'd on Daddy's neck E 2/1

(feeding fish) its Xmas for fishes! F 2/1

Mum, is clouds made from mashed potato and water? Why not? F 4/1

Mum, you're a big pile of... Sand. F 5/1

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