Monday, 17 February 2014


Conversation with Ellie, tonight:

"Mum, want some milk, we didn't have some milk"
"We don't have any milk love"
"Want you to give me some milk"
"We don't have any. There isn't any in the fridge"
"Well, you bring some"
"Where from, love? We haven't got any."
"Get the water and mix it mix it and make the milk and bring it to me"

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


A few of the latest:

Sat nav: "bear left"
Ellie: "where's the teddy bear?"

Florence: "Mirror mirror on the wall..."
Ellie: "Who's the fairy on the wall?"

E: "Mamas can find things, Dadas can fix things"
F: "Also Grandad can fix things"

E: "We going Bangsar?"
A: "We're in Bangsar
E: "No we in car"

E: "Careful driver Daddy, I'll put some poo on you"

F: ... but crocodiles can't stand up
E: SOME chocogiles can stand.