Sunday, 22 December 2013


"I'm putting my poo to bed. I'm tucking him in with tissue". - Florence

I need a wee

"I need a wee Daddy"
- "You've already had a wee Ellie"
"I need a different wee"


"We go to Queenstown? Wow! Also, also, also Princesstown?" Ellie


"I know a song! Incy Winy spider, come out your web" Ellie

Christmas (Mismas) presents

I asked the girls what they thought Daddy might like for Christmas. Their replies were (guess which is which)

1. A Barbie
2. A puppy dog.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Transport to Australia

Ellie, where are we going the day after tomorrow?
- Stralia
That's right, and how are we getting there?
No, we're going on an ai'...

Monday, 16 December 2013

Sunday, 15 December 2013

I spy

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with car" - Ellie

Saturday, 14 December 2013

"Me want to make a bloody puppet too" (Ellie)
"Bye! Don't get traffic cos the man is stupid"

Context: if Adrian drives Florence to school, at one big intersection there is a man with white gloves moving the traffic - badly.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

On the subject of 'yestertime', a few other Deller phrases:

'upsky': (Ellie) in the sky, up above, something that is overhead.

'yesternight': self explanatory. More people should use this one. In fact, I implore you.

 'partypants': farty pants (frequently used to describe Daddy)
"I like woof woofers. Florence, you like cats... and daddy likes ballerinas"

Monday, 9 December 2013

2013 so far

2013 (so far) 


in reverse order

"My don't like MismasTime. The Father Mismas is too scary and the boys (choir boys) is too yucky and the girls is too nice" Eloise 8/12/13

"Dad, please can I have a goosey? A golden goose" Florence 25/11/13

Apparently I am no longer 'Mummy', I am 'Bummy'. Thanks Eloise. 22/11/13

"You don't have a doggie, 'cos you're just a toothbrush." one of the two, 10/11/13

"Peppa Pig is MORE than fairytales" Florence 23/10/13
Ellie's new game: "I'm rollingpinning you" 23/7/13

"Daddy I'm doing you a birthday poo!" Florence 22/7/13

"Dad, my hair's really curly so I can't have any more crusts" Florence 11/7/13

"Achoo!" "Bess you darlink" "Oh, thanks, Ellie." "Cue me" "Pardon?" "Mummy say cue me" "Er... oh! Excuse me!" "good girl Mummy" 13/6/13

"Florence, you've been a really good girl today, haven't you?" "Yep. What can I have?" 8/6/13

"Finish your dinner, Ellie". "Finish you, Florence". 30/5/13

"Mum, I've got sweaty eyes" Florence 28/5/13

"Oh Daddy boy" - Ellie's new song 18/5/13

'Yestertime' (probably not yesterday, but definitely in the past) coined by Florence Deller, 2013 17/4/13

How much I love you , musical video by Florence 27/3/13

"I love you the moreist" Florence 13/3/13

"Mum, what do you want to be when you grow up?" "I am grown up!" "No, you're not 10. When you're 10 do you want to be a princess with long hair?" 10/3/13

"You are soft, Mum. You have lots of cuddles and kisses. Everyone loves you." Florence 25/2/13

"I love you this much Mummy" (extends arms) "and my much keeps growing!" Florence 23/2/13

What did you have for lunch Ellie? "HotWoof". 31/1/13

"When I was twenteen I did paint Daddy's car pink because he likes pink a little bit." Florence 19/1/13

"Florence, one more minute in the bath, OK?" "A long minute?" 6/1/13


I have a (probably horribly irritating) habit of posting snippets of random things my daughters say on Facebook. Someone once told me I should blog about them instead. So, here I am. I'm going to try and rake over old FB posts and compile a list of archived random toddler jibber. Here goes...


Every day I surprise myself with the total nonsense coming out of my mouth. "No, Florence, you don't need to see it, it's Ellie's poo. It's a private poo, look at your own"... Luna 9/12/12

"Look what I found in my bag Florence" (takes out small toy car that Ellie must have put in there) "Did you take it for your show and tell?" 3/11/12

"Miss, I love your accent. You sound like One Direction". A student 2/11/13

"Daddy is a big boy princess" Florence 28/10/12

 "I don't like giants... Well I do like little pink giants who don't talk" Florence 28/10/12

Slam Sisters 25/10/12 


Me: "Come on Florence, chop chop" F: "YOU stop chopping!" 24/10/12

"Mummy I'm strutting Daddy in" 8/12/13
Photo: "Mummy I'm strutting Daddy in" 
Strutting Daddy in

"What is the sea for?" 4/10/12

Florence's tale of the non-halal butcher: "I had some pam from the pam man mum, the pam man mum, the pam man mum." 4/10/12


"I'm not a good girl but I am funny" 3/10/12

"No, I can't tell Ellie. She doesn't speak Florence" 30/9/12

"Daddy Daddy Daddy I'm a swinger!" 23/8/12

"on Friday I going to be a big spider and on Sunday I going to be a pink and yellow flower" "what about Wednesday?" "I going to be mayonnaise". 29/6/12

"no Mummy, that's not music". (me playing twinkle twinkle on keyboard. Presses the key for repetitive beats) "yes! THAT'S music" 21/4/12

Florence: "Dommic, I love you very much poppet". Dominic: "Calm down Flowence" 14/4/12 

"Daddy, I've got a big bum, like you" 5/4/12

"tissues in the water, tissues in the sea, we all jump up with a 1 2 3!" 3/4/12

Florence: "What's that Daddy?" AD: "Worcester" F: "Worcester's chavtastic" 12/3/12

Florence has a badger puppet, which has a gun. She has named said violent creature 'Madge'. Is this normal?! 7/3/12


Photo       .

"nose, beep! nose, beep! nose, beep!" 20/1/11