Monday, 9 December 2013


I have a (probably horribly irritating) habit of posting snippets of random things my daughters say on Facebook. Someone once told me I should blog about them instead. So, here I am. I'm going to try and rake over old FB posts and compile a list of archived random toddler jibber. Here goes...


Every day I surprise myself with the total nonsense coming out of my mouth. "No, Florence, you don't need to see it, it's Ellie's poo. It's a private poo, look at your own"... Luna 9/12/12

"Look what I found in my bag Florence" (takes out small toy car that Ellie must have put in there) "Did you take it for your show and tell?" 3/11/12

"Miss, I love your accent. You sound like One Direction". A student 2/11/13

"Daddy is a big boy princess" Florence 28/10/12

 "I don't like giants... Well I do like little pink giants who don't talk" Florence 28/10/12

Slam Sisters 25/10/12 


Me: "Come on Florence, chop chop" F: "YOU stop chopping!" 24/10/12

"Mummy I'm strutting Daddy in" 8/12/13
Photo: "Mummy I'm strutting Daddy in" 
Strutting Daddy in

"What is the sea for?" 4/10/12

Florence's tale of the non-halal butcher: "I had some pam from the pam man mum, the pam man mum, the pam man mum." 4/10/12


"I'm not a good girl but I am funny" 3/10/12

"No, I can't tell Ellie. She doesn't speak Florence" 30/9/12

"Daddy Daddy Daddy I'm a swinger!" 23/8/12

"on Friday I going to be a big spider and on Sunday I going to be a pink and yellow flower" "what about Wednesday?" "I going to be mayonnaise". 29/6/12

"no Mummy, that's not music". (me playing twinkle twinkle on keyboard. Presses the key for repetitive beats) "yes! THAT'S music" 21/4/12

Florence: "Dommic, I love you very much poppet". Dominic: "Calm down Flowence" 14/4/12 

"Daddy, I've got a big bum, like you" 5/4/12

"tissues in the water, tissues in the sea, we all jump up with a 1 2 3!" 3/4/12

Florence: "What's that Daddy?" AD: "Worcester" F: "Worcester's chavtastic" 12/3/12

Florence has a badger puppet, which has a gun. She has named said violent creature 'Madge'. Is this normal?! 7/3/12


Photo       .

"nose, beep! nose, beep! nose, beep!" 20/1/11



  1. Haha I absolutely adore it wrong that they make a lot of sense to me?! Ok maybe not the one about being a toothbrush....or was she talking to the toothbrush?? Nope, still not getting that one!

  2. Er, yeah, she was talking to the toothbrush. I think...

  3. I love these too. I miss you :(

  4. Thanks Katharine. Miss you too, though admittedly not the weather. :) xxx